Angela Pinti

By the time I encountered Nia in June 2003, I had already embarked on a period of self-growth and transformation. Having lost a significant amount of weight, I was more curious about moving my body and I immediately found a connection with the healing qualities of Nia. As I continued to take regular classes, I luxuriated in the feeling of being in my body and became stronger and more graceful. Losing additional weight was really just a bonus as my relationship with Nia deepened. In June 2006 I obtained my White Belt and became certified to teach. I have found that Nia has been a remarkable vehicle for me to reclaim a youthful quality of body movement and find that each time I practice I enjoy multiple physical and mental revelations. Nia has been instrumental in guiding me to resist falling into negative body-image assessment. I look forward to sharing with others my joy for Nia, inviting them to enjoy moving their own bodies. I assure you, you will view your body differently after a Nia Class. And by differently I mean with more love and appreciation for all your body does for you! Its your body-CHERISH IT!


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